• Electra 12 x 18-2
  • Electra 12 x 18-3
  • Electra 12 x 18-4
  • Electra 12 x 18-5
  • Electra 12 x 18-6
  • Electra 12 x 18-7
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  • Electra 12 x 18-12

Electra Bicycle Co.

Role:  Created the original WAY TO ROLL brand work with the Electra Bicycle Company. With 4 months counting down to a new launch at Interbike, EBC contracted Tiff Seale to develop a brand strategy platform, and create a new campaign direction and design. In this abbreviated period, I worked with the founders and the VP of marketing to define a new brand point of view, a refreshed position and creative story:  Electra– fashion & lifestyle with designer collection themes. Electra– a humanitarian fashion brand; with a new WAY TO ROLL~ celebrating the everyday humanitarian and their personal style of ride. Defined and developed a refreshed brand point of view. Designed and developed an ownable creative language for the new EBC story. Refined an ownable position with creative impact, strategic conceptual themes, and an fresh new PR and brand story inside of 4 months. The original WAY TO ROLL campaign is a favorite historical works and a beautiful global brand story that lives on brightening up the world.

Brand Creative Platform
Signature Collection Themes & I.D Design
Campaign Concept & Design
Creative Direction / Art & Copy
Photography Direction & Image Design
Photography Logistics / Production
Advertising & Catalog Design
In Store POP Design